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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 28, 2011 5:30pm-7:01pm PST

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them off the idea of the
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new $5 minimum clipper card is that most would cost will cost $5 instead of only $2. this change is in you about a few months ago. people were getting a new clipper card with a $2 away with the negative balance. the negative supposed to be a customer convenience just one way. the new minimum will make it less for a net negative balance on the record. >> the fact is that these are public dollars in their scarce right now. it is prudent to try to tighten up system would le to maintain this convenient but not create a loophole for easy cheating. >>complain >>pam: son of over aggressive panhandlers that ban would take effect in april. no. panhandling at the airports. >> receive the storms have seen water levels at the highest in years. water conservation is still important. >> we're always encouraging voter conservatism among our consumers. water should never be wasted. >>pam: countywide levels are
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currently at 65%. water stored in the district provides 25 percent of the santa clara water supply. bu >> clouds, and even a few sprinkles to the north bay. increasing clouds and tomorrow with overcast. widespread rain tomorrow night. pretty wondewindy as well--and the wet weather is to the north of us. we are staying cool overnight. tabs to the 30's. the article degrees for santa rosa. the same in napa, 42 degrees expected in oakland. dad in the south bay, temperatures are getting down to the upper 30's, low 40's. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s, low 60s. and even the 60 degrees. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, 62 degrees in mountain view and san jose. will catch a break on friday with rainfall this
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weekend. >>pam: the judge has sentenced three life sentences. this man is sentenced to three life sentences for participating and the imprisonment and torture of a neighbor boy. anthony waiters was the only one of four defendants to go to trial. of charges towards kyle ramirez captive at a home in tracey for one year. the child was beaten, burned and shackled to furniture. the 16 year-old was able to escape. he will be able to get parole in 19 years. >>pam: federal see regulators on the national gas explosion that killed eight people in san bruno. the national transportation safety board will look at the pipeline operation and regulation. the board also plans to release thousands of pages of documents stemming from the september blast. it destroyed 38 homes. they're expecting of
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laboratory tests on the spill pipes. ms. >>pam: the collectors and dispensaries medical-medical marijuana wanted a new sales tax inquiry. in november, the past " to measure you " the sales tax on all medical marijuana sales. they say that this tax is not fair because tactically the city still considers their operation to be illegal. >> there is no specific business license for marijuana so i was to try to figure out how you go about imposing a marijuana business tax when there is no business license? >> we've been advised by attorneys that we could be incriminating ourselves because of this into this very sad and unfair. it does not appear to be helping us. >>pam: this fusils tax is tomorrow and there are currently 100 medical
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medical marijuana facilities with the default sales-tax going into tomorrow. the san francisco board of supervisors announced plans to run for mayor chio is the latest in an already crowded cairo contest. november dissections-crowded mayoral list. all among the candidates. checking traffic in some detail, this is the james lick the 80 1 0 1 split. and no problems towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. the bottom of your screen is however 101 is a bit slow. the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems. the bottom of your screen is how we 1 0 1.
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500 t in this section and over 100 ft. tall. this fourth segment will bring the tower of to 480 ft.. expected to be in place by friday afternoon. >>pam: the america's cup trophy and robins had resist of this morning. pieces of larry ellison's it is over 20 stories tall. to call for >> is exciting that it is here today in san francisco>>pam: the america's cup trophy and robins had resist of this morning. pieces of larry ellison's it is over 20 stories tall. to call for the golden gate and the had to be dismantled and brought in by a cargo ship. and it was considered to windy. light that a small amount of wind even less than this will fly on its own weight. and it could likely caused damage. it was an example of what america can put together based on the world. this will not settle and the 2013
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america's cup in san francisco city government say that this is a symbol of the promise of competition will bring to the san francisco economy. this will not sell or participate in the 2013 america's cup. >> he will spend the next three days of loading and that is just the beginning. >> this is one the teams of the equipment. and 18 to be scheduled oracle racing will be at this. in san francisco for the next several years. one to zero years, and financing will be putting together their boats and getting the race together. purchasing materials from san francisco companies, eating in san francisco restaurants. and printing from san francisco and worts this impact is real! >>reporter: 9000 job creation and $1 billion of local economy. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> the radar is drive the we could still have this progress to the north bay
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overnight. rainfall expected tomorrow. all of your details, straight ahead.
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>>catherine: it broke the news, civil war in libya. global pressure and world news. the resignation of khaddafi, with fighting of words from secretary of state larry clinton. >> as we said nothing is off the table as far as the libyan government continues to threaten and kill libyans. >> the international effort to put pressure on all more khaddafi is picking up steam. the european union is imposing an arms embargo and other sanctions. the u.s. is sending assistance teams to borders with egypt and tunisia. there will help people get out of libya. if these refugees entering to be shot in the latest estimate is 40,000 people
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have crossed from libya into to be shot. most of them in egyptian workers and another 61-into tunisia and others into egypt. these citizens from malaysia also will are arrived at these russians, piling onto a plane. and they are just happy to be into these and other refugees are now and moltke. >> the situation on the ground in libya is definitely a concern we're in constant contact. and win through social networks, logging just try to figure out what is going on. - moltke. >> mideast unrest. molta and oman, the third day of unrest with more of salary demands. the protest demand continues to be a lot of
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confusion as to who controls the oil field. the oil boss says that it is safe for for workers to return. and nobody seems interested in doing that. >> a call might on tap. with clear conditions a colum--a clam calm night n tap however, increasing rain with clouds. right now, you can see the shower activity to the pacific northwest and portions of the northwest part of california. it is going to push south. tomorrow, the time line is going to lean towards the latter part of the day. current temperatures are going to be in the 50s. starting to cool out of the '60s into the 50s. san
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rafael, 56 to mountain view and san jose. by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, we will notice some shower activity picking up to the north bay. the later it gets the heavier it is expected to get a specially into the north bay locations. and by midnight on wednesday you can see how the rainfall will pickup. not just to the north bay but also to the peninsula. heavy downpours! all the way 2 wednesday morning. the latter part of your day is going to be tried out a little bit and all the way through wednesday morning. wet weather 35 degrees for santa rosa, and through fairfield rob 38 degrees. we would get to about 45 degrees in san francisco. temperatures in the upper thirties to low 40's. by the afternoon, the afternoon highs will be 60s. napa, fairfield, 61 degrees
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in concord and a little bit cooler in downtown san francisco it to be seven degrees. the 86 along the coast. 57 degrees in san francisco. 56 along the coast-- >> a dry out for your work week. >>pam: developing news we've been telling you about with an officer involved shooting in the san mateo. here's a news conference. >> before we do that i would like to say a couple of housekeeping rules. for you all and follow up. in our continuing effort of the san mateo police department to provide you with the most information and to be as a transparent agency as possible. will provide you is many details as occurred if the we possibly can. taking into account the this is an open and active investigation and a considerable amount of fault the will have to be done. today, limited. and follow- up. and susan.
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>> how are you today? we have a report on an incident of today in a neighborhood in the city of san mateo. i will take limited questions. the publican formation of a surf dave morris indicated. skis you for reading but i want to get this corrected. 10:3:00 a.m., the san mateo police department officers responded to a cvs stores located at 77 in the perot shopping center. there was an import of an irrational subject acting aggressively towards customers and staff. it was reported that the subject had left the store on foot toward officers are right to the scene within minutes and an extensive area check of the neighborhoods. cbs employs indicated that the subject had a hand gun display and
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threaten the employees of- cvs. 10:49 officers received an initial call and additional calls from residents on added bird street. they could see darkness of secreting creatinga disturbance of and adjacent property on at the dirt street. officers received from the initial call that at and bird street this could be the same individual that immediately followed on the secondary location edinburg street--reported from a neighbor. as they try to contain a perimeter with intand attempts to negotiate are arriving officers encountered the suspect armed with a handgun. the front yard of their residents on oak street. it was later determined that that was his residence. he pointed the
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handgun directly of the officers had fired. the officers returned fire. the suspect fled to is back yard. the officer encountered the armed suspect and fired one shot striking the suspect and and did the immediate threat. emergency medical personnel were notified immediately and rendered treatment on the scene. the suspect was dead at the scene. officers recovered a 38 caliber smith and wesson revolvers from the suspect. this had showcasing is from extended grounds in the cylinder of the gun. this object is believed to be robert carron, a 35 year-old white male with an extensive history of threats against police officers, weapons possession, and insulted and threatening behavior. we are still awaiting the official notification to the corn
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woroner fans office, and we're still waiting for an official determination of the subject from the eighth --coroner's office. officers as well as the confirmation of this subject by a cvs employees and a neighbor that the he was running in and out of this residents with a gun. he was pointed the gun and the screaming and active in an aggressive and district matter. it is always tragic when an armed encounter results in any debt and our condolences go out to the family of the suspect. any- death. it is very unfortunate that our officers were attempting negotiations with this armed individual one shot at the
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officers. when he shot the officers. immediately upon the shooting, the initiative our shooting protocol assistance, investigators from belmont police, san mateo district attorneys, the san crime lab the sancoroner's office and with the officer involved and per our countywide officer involved protocol. there will be a three-prong investigation to make sure that there is a full and thorough investigation of the jackson saiof the actions tk place. will conduct a criminal investigation into the suspect's actions both at the store, and specifically with the shots fired. and the endangerment to the committee, and the shopping center and to the community. additionally, as for our officer shooting
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policy the san mateo police department will have our own internal administrative investigation to determine the proper use of force. in use of a corporate actions by our officers. >>pam: 11 is conference involved in the san mateo police chief you've been listening to a live o brunch bernan [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me.
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from downtown san francisco, clouds. in fact tomorrow, we have a lot of wet weather. it looks like widespread showers expected to kick and all the way to wednesday, the rainfall expected with a sustained portion for your work week. we could catch a break on friday. we will be right back with kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m.
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>> our big story the confession of the doritos. >> not only nancy garrido but also of-the garrido--and why? to hopefully get themselves a better deal. a plea deal. with the prosecution. nancy garrido has admitted several things. i spoke to her lawyer one hour ago. and she confessed that she snatched j.c. dugard off the streets of lake tahoe. a sheaf was assisting in the birth of the babies. she was aware of
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the race but that's not take place. and she saw as a mock majorly figure. motherly figure. >> based on what i know, that j.c. dugard the relationship i do not think that that land of time is appropriate. >> relationship? >> she was their mother. after the kids were born she delivered the kids and she fed them and took them to places. they have that type of relationship. >>pam: interesting the lawyers to the j.c. dugard was in the room when nancy garrido was being interviewed by the police. >>reporter: the lawyer said the we set it up that j.c. dugard would give her confession. and a moment before this confession it was sprung on him by the prosecution that j.c. dugard and watching-chest the confession of nancy garrido.
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closed-circuit television-- and after request to speak to j.c. dugard was denied. he looks at it as the good thing. he does not the j.c. dugard questioned anything that nancy brought up. >>pam: will hear more about this. >>reporter: absolutely. >>pam: strong emotions from many people especially for mark clash. he's an advocate for missing children whose daughter, polly klass was objected to 1993. we spoke to him rather, and here is his reaction. >> very happy that the confessed. i believe that this should be able to save j.c. of their daughters from having to testify in an oregon court room. certainly the would be the best resolution. in an open courtroom-i hope that the judge would have to have the sense to never put these people back into society
6:03 pm
again. but on this young girl are about the bad as if is to be. the only saving grace is that j.c. dugard is alive these people should peopspend the rest of their lives behind bars and they're monsters. they have no business of putting their selves into society again. >>pam: our coverage continues online. the entire statement from the attorney. >>pam: school districts across the state are getting ready for an annual layoff notices. teacher, staff and they could save more. because of the fiscal crisis is one day away because of the 490 layoffs proposed. 140 teachers, to offers, and 108 teacher aides. and 140
6:04 pm
teachers' aides. >> i think we're positioning ourselves better than most school districts for a lot of reasons. we did not spend all or stimulus money last year. we were saving that because of this coming year would have to use it. and also with the privilege of the last couple of years to of the rainy day fund from the city/county. that has helped us. in addition to the left over federal money in the reedy fonda that the governor's tax extension must also pass. in order for the refund, and also the left over federal money. and with the governor's tax extension that all three must coincide. >>pam: east bay strapped cash >>reporter: east side union high school district in san jose caution that these numbers are preliminary. they could change. worst case scenario as many as 110
6:05 pm
teachers district-wide could get a preliminary layoff notice this month. these numbers include 15-20 certified teachers. 25-30 classified teachers. and as many as 60 temporary teachers believe it altercation. that could impact as many as 5% east side has 24,000 students is the all largest in northern california. with a $30 million budget deficit. 60 temporary teachers are involved and adult education. in adult education. >> gas prices are not going to solve our economic problems at all. >>catherine: the latest hikes at the pump. over $4 per gallon! it is 20 percent 23 percent more more expensive than it was one year ago. gasoline is not
6:06 pm
the only thing going up. 27 percent more for butter, 16 percent more for coffee, and even the price of underwear believe it or not. 30 percent. and the government is warning more increases. in the next 12 months. >> the agricultural department has doubled its estimate on the rise in food prices now predicting a 4.7 per cent of average height and one year. wholesale prices have been rising. in some cases soaring for several months. meat, grain, dairy, sugar have all gone up. retailers have been reluctant to raise prices in a down economy that is beginning to change. starbucks is selectively increasing some products. mcdonald's says it might have to raise prices. when is behind all this? american farmers are not just feeding americans they are feeding the world. the world is getting more hungry. china is the biggest
6:07 pm
customer for u.s. food exports. it is expanding and increased demand for more expensive products. china is also one reason clothing is getting more expensive. a severe drought hurt their cotton crop. one thing that has dropped in price is marijuana! the top cash crop in california and nearly one dozen other states. with high times magazine saying, it is selling less than one year ago. >>catherine: it is more expensive to bring products into the country and also convincing farmers to convert acreage to corn production for each and all. >> showers-ethan alol acreage
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conversion. >> your full forecast full forecast full ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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that's ingredients for life. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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>>pam: the new details about an officer involved shooting in the senate health. the intersection of oak street. -officer involved shooting. and if jonathan blum? that police report. 10:30 p.m. a subject known to police with a history had a dispute at a cvs over payment for a prescription. police were notified that this was causing trouble in the fleshed a gun. this was the scene after officers were uncalland chased him into his house on zero. he held himself up. and there were calling and hostage
6:12 pm
negotiators. this man was 35 year-old robert carron who has dealt with police in the past. and they said it is a shame they had to and it this way. this is the police chief. >> it is for an unfortunate that our officers were attempting negotiations with this individual will be shot of the officer's death precipitating argues of deadly force. >> this man died at the scene. despite earlier reports that he was firing a be begun the recovered a 38 caliber smith and wesson revolvers that had shell casings still in its revolver. that is the weapon they were fired at police. and how many? they say that this investigation goes to the d.a.'s office. the officers will be on routine leave as the
6:13 pm
investigation proceeds. more on this at 11:00 p.m. and we will continue in one moment. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>pam: this 5 day operation started early of the bay bridge haazig madyun takes you out on the bay for a up close look at the latest section of this tower. >>reporter: the fourth section on the new paper it is being put into place. this is one of the fourth sections. under way. this 5 day out. >>reporter: this new self anchored suspicion tower is being put into place, take a look. one of the fourth section, being lifted 55 stores in the air. slowly 1 million lbs. each. above the third section where it is going to be bolted into place. caltrain says that each of these make nearly 1 million lbs. east and over 100 ft. tall. rest are going to be erected and
6:17 pm
constructed later this week. it is a slow and steady operation that will take 30 hours to lift each of these sections. haazig madyun kron 4 news. >>pam: the man accused of killing his parents said that he was asleep on his couch than 90 died. ernest sheridan said the checked out of caesars palace. there were killed in march 20th 08, in mount pleasant. he is facing two counts of murder. if convicted? he could be sentenced to life in prison. >>pam: a controversially concerning the source system. to do with the odor complaints. >>pam: controversial over san francisco sewer system. to deal with odor complaint the city uses several measures including bleach. in fact, the city is going to vote on the $15 million--$14 million bill and some environmentalists think that the use of bleach could be dangerous. teresa estacio reports. >> here, along the scenic embarcadero getting a whiff of a smelly sewer system is
6:18 pm
not what city officials want people to remember about the city by the bay. however, complaints are on the rise and so are the costs. in fact, 420 people complained in 2010 up from 350 ain 2009. and in response, the city has put these ventilation with charcoal and deodorizers on manholes like this one. they also added a chemical cocktail with bleach to try to neutralize. with $1.5 million to combat the system in 2010. now, they're looking at more costs. the board of supervisors will look of a $14 million contract to purchase more bleach. and with only 20 percent will be used, or to to its zero thousand dollars-- one to $80,000 over the next $280
6:19 pm
k! three years after the rest is for treating the city's streets to water. in addition, that the bleach treated by product goes straight into the bay is not accurate. they say it is heavily treated at the plant and neutralized before going into the bay. in san francisco, teresa estacio. >>pam: and barr metal groups still think that it is- environmental groups>>pam: and our mental groups that leach is potentiall mona lisa ie legal women. she plans on speaking out at the meeting. >> toxic and our mental groups. that using bleach the national organization of women are going to speak out to the supervisors' meeting and ask them to stop using bleach. >> it is absolutely time for san francisco to take an educated and well thought out approach to managing the and the odor that comes out from this 100 year-old store system. and not take a 19th solution-- century using a chemical that we know causes environmental and harm. and hard to animals and human beings.
6:20 pm
>> sodium fluoride with acid combined provides a toxic gas. we do not want that excluding out of the sewers. >>pam: >> the board of supervisors are going to take up this topic at its regular meeting possibly purchasing or bleach. >> clouds with anoth winter storm. the timing of rain, wind, coming up. potentially to the north bay. the possibility of spot the shower activity. towards tomorrow, the better chance of wet weather moving again. this storm is not quite as cold as previous storms pushing through. temperatures are going to stay into the 50s, overnight. 53 in san francisco. 50 in redwood city, mountain view, and for a run 53 degrees. as we take you to tomorrow. writer around 53. and with portions of the pacific northwest writer around 53. and
6:21 pm
northern california, wet weather on the horizon. by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, a good chance of showers in the north bay. increasing towards the evening with moderate/have the expected. overnight and early morning on wednesday. and even moderate/heavy. and look at this continuing along the north bay. half we will continue with shower activity on your morning. and it will taper out toward the latter part of your day. overnight tonight temperatures are going to dip down into the 30's/40's. 354 napa, santa rosa, and 35 degrees for napa. also 354 livermore. tomorrow, low 60s. it's 35 degrees for livermore tonight. tomorrow, upper 50s for downtown san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay it is going
6:22 pm
to be a pretty unstable week. if you have any time for the dry weather? but the most of its it. the most of the week will be wet. thursday, and it will catch a break on thursday but showers will persist on the weekend. we will be back with the kron 4 evening news after this.
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gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: the fire district has crittenden iphone application that is getting a lot of attention the counter 1/5-created. the of credit to a mobile application. they have created a mobile application to save lives. it is getting a lot of buzz. and gps will alert cpr certified certified people in the
6:26 pm
area. >> users will download the application from itunes. there will bobbed in it to be notified if there is a cpr event nearby. they will opt and. and they're willing to assist in the time of our emergency. if a 911 call comes in or if cpr is notifi required? then precipitae certified senior technician who was adopted and will be notified. >> with 15 20,000 people in our jurisdiction that are trained in cpr. >>gabe: agreed example of technology improving our lives. it is a great example. right now, it is
6:27 pm
currently for the iphone but talks for the android are on the way.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: philip and nancy garrido have confessed that they held j.c. dugard for 18 years. the admitted to snatching j c dugard off the streets of south tahoe. holding her for years. they're hoping that they will bring a plea deal but so far, nothing has been worked out. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> and san mateo, a press conference a run 11:00 a.m. when they shot a suspect previously been the scene at a cvs stores. that a suspect was seen in his own
6:30 pm
neighborhood. officers were called to investigate. he barricaded himself inside his home. he fired at officers. earlier, reports that he was using a bb gun but actually a smith and wesson have been recovered. they returned fire, and a strike the suspect a link the investigation conducted by the san mateo district attorney's office. and the san mateo, jonathan blum. >> san francisco, state- wide, they're sitting off layoff notices. and in the san francisco, setting off layoff notices, with 400 teachers, a stomach ulcers to be laid off. officials say that the government- teachers' aides--to be laid off and counselors. these may not have to happen if the governors' vote in june it takes place. >> and an east side union high school is getting ready to send out preliminary
6:31 pm
layoff notices to its 110 teachers off. roughly 5% of the staff. the middle of the month of the pink slips to 50-20 certified teachers. 25-30 certifieclassified teache, and teacher's aide. $30 million budget deficit. 30 million >>reporter: the national transportation with the change to clipper card. there will have to load a minimum of $5 to get a new card. in response to a story from last fall. people were using the $2 minimum and using that and then thrown out the card with their finished. the idea of the new $5 minimum is that we dad would get somebody to get to where there were going without a negative balance. to get the there were going. >> the larry ellison yacht
6:32 pm
the world's fastest is so tall he could not sail under the golden gate. it was dismantled and brought in on the partnerships. even though allison uses this to wind the about america's cup will not be using this for the 2013 competition. after this we reassembled there will be plans all for this to be put on public display. >>pam: charlie sheen the tmz interview and kimberly sakamoto is back but more from that q&a. >> kimberlee: charlie sheen parked and locked and here are more questions. he spoke. >> i remember the top choice either to the hospital. what type of choice is that? >> a no-brainer! [laughter] >> yes, the hospital. >> i do not know.
6:33 pm
>> was the diagnosis? >> i do not know, maybe just a bad drunk. and >> don't hide your attorney stuff as passive attorney and to teach your children, my right, is different than somebody else's to wrong. and my children will also be different. they're zero different they're my kids. >> kimberlee: the publicists resigned but however, at this time i am unable to work effectively as his publicist and respectively resigned. (music) >> the look at the seven day around the bay and the show's movrain moving again. certainly, the latter part will bring showers and wind picking up. wednesday will also bring as wet weather.
6:34 pm
in fact, right through the workweek showers expected thursday. will catch it. on friday and wet weather continuing through the weekend. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: laura is holding her sulfone completely unaware that she is being watched. under-cellular phone. an officer from the santa rosa in the zero- tolerance enforcement's own. in a zero-tolerance enforcement zone if you are on your cellphones? or any other violation you will get a ticket. >> and stop you because you are using your cellular phone. >> laura laughter blue to the federal but she said she forgot to bring it. >> this is my second ticket. >> and i paid my first ticket this morning. by alistair if she was going to
6:35 pm
remember her blue to? >> yakima totally! >>stanley: are looking at by letters to look to reduce accidents. they're looking to stop violators by reducing accidents. the driver of this is being stopped. however, sometimes they are also found with other violations. >> >> please your license? >>stanley: this driver was showing a mexican consulate identification. and not even a license. this car was towed. the same with this car. this woman was on her cellphone and i told her how much the ticket was this was our response. >> thanks, that is also my day is so much better, thank you. >>stanley: the rosa, stanley
6:36 pm
roberts and the santa rosa. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m the oscars are coming up after the break after the break rition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>pam: the academy awards. the brightest stars. the top winners. >> spielberg: and the oscar goes to the king's speech! >> the king's speech achieved for academy awards. with 12 nominations. in 14 awardit got for awards and colin firth, best actor. it received for awards. >> i think that my stafto read has just beat. >> natalie portman my career has just peeked >> my beautiful love, the
6:40 pm
choreographer of the film has now given me the most important role of my life. >> a teary eyed christian bale accepted his award. >> and he was terrified for his wonderful wife. >> actress melissa leo. the social network claim to three awards. oroszko score, and dean and screenplay adaptation. screen play, a original score. and the award of mud it handed outhe awn handed out. and >> kimberlee: the main thing
6:41 pm
are the hosts. there were trying to bring a younger demographic weft manne hathaway and james franco and it is as if the cheerleader was askeand one at pelletreau where pretty harsh. one--and gwentyh platrow and one said that her voice and ptich was bea utiful and leo dropped the f bomb. >> won a watched take two
6:42 pm
years ago this looks so - - - - easy! >> kimberlee: the actress apologized. and coming up, a local basketball legend tickets a well deserved honor. the warriors say hello and goodbye to one old friend.
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>> gary: when we return. this is going to be fascinating. vern, a tale about the desert. >> yes, the giants. oh my gosh!, let's go. >> we apologize for the delay in captioning
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gary: as always, vern glenn reporting the desert. and some osandoval? >> and slim, trim, let us
6:55 pm
see how we hits. impressive, the will to move and getting rid of the ball, quick. >> gary: it? >> yes. spirits? >> yes. march 26th. andbrandon belt as talented as posy? >> vern: with four rbis, getting to a village. a likes. >> gary: could be stored? >> he start?vern: possible >> and lincecum? cranky? >> it seemed like he was blowing blown off
6:56 pm
everybody. and against the diamondbacks but he will be okay. >> for the giants fans, maybe it was just a burn? [laughter] is such a great pitcher. but he was just vern glenn--[laughter] and the big rock star. from japan. and, reporters? >> 35, i would say if least 40 of the japanese media alone. and the rest of us circling and following him. and this is an everyday occurrence. unbelievable! >> absolutely. >> and that is pretty good. >> and i would be interested to see if the agent can even buy tickets. >> of vern, thank you. and the special is coming. see you 11.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
exclusive. ♪ >> the cameras caught inside "vanity fair's" oscar after-party. >> how did it feel singing up there tonight? >> intense. >> reese, with her fiance. >> justin bieber with mick jagger? >> tom hanks, cameron diaz. sandra bullock. >> oscars stars after dark. >> i'm going to have fun tonight. ♪ "the insider" is on. >> it's just an amazing moment. >> "the insider." >> at the oscars. >> is on. >> sandra without a date. >> did oprah fall ill? >> she's not feeling well tonight. then -- >> your reaction to the whole charlie sheen thing? >> well, i think it's sad. charlie sheen's on-camera drug test. >> his erratic oscar weekend interview. >> his troubling tattoos. >> and charlie's kids living with an exadult film star. >> my family, when you're my family, i will murder for you.
7:00 pm
our oscar fashion report card. >> halle berry. >> without a doubt a. >> who passed and who failed. and -- >> you just got inception. >> franco in drag. >> and seven wardrobe changes. >> a winner censored. >> our top ten oscar show moments. >> the weird part is, i just got a text message from charlie sheen. now, from the kodak theatre in hollywood, "the insider's" oscar special with lara spencer, chris jacobs and christina mclarty is on. stars were all right here on hollywood's biggest night. and we also have news on charlie sheen's first televised interview since the two and a half men scandal. with every moment that you didn't see, "the insider's" oscar special begins right now. ♪
7:01 pm
everybody, nicole kidman is here. can you say "the insider" is on? >> "the insider" is on. ♪


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